Wednesday Evenings of Mediumship

February 2018

7th     Janet Glasgow

21st   Karen Wood


March 2018

7th     Mary Ward

21st   Ian Taylor


April 2018

4th    Natalie Simpkins

18th  Graham Watson

News Flash

The church will hold an AGM on Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 8pm
We remind all members to vote membership is now due. Please contact Angela membership secretary


May 2018

2nd    Phil Towler

16th   Andrew Daniels


June 2018

6th    Maggie Jones

20th  Melanie Bond


July 2018

4th     John Martin Shaw

18th   Elaine Stainton


August 2018

1st     Susan Motsun

15th   Pat McNally & Daniel Naughnane


September 2018

5th   Mark McDonagh

19th  Pat & Alan Seymour


October 2018

3rd    Matt & Kirsty Gorgan

17th   Fionagh Heale


30th  Graham Watson

November 2018

7th    Jackie Courtney

21st  Judith Freeman


December 2018



The Church will reopen on Sunday 6th January 2019