Sunday Service 2020

Services – 6.30-8pm

January                                                                                    February


5th      Linda Hotchins                                                             2th        Diane Hubert

12th      Geraline Kelly                                                             9th        Teresa Rickett

19th      Jackie Courtney                                                          16th      Roger Louis

26th      Stephen Hardy                                                            23rd      Pat & Alan Seymour

As from now the church will be close until further notice, due to the Corona virus. Sorry for the inconvenience but it’s for Health & Safety.

March                                                                                     April


1th        Danny Wright                                                               5th      Shivini Samardi

8th        Janet Glasgow                                                             12th      Stephen Goldsack

15th      Mark McDonagh                                                         19th      Mark Cassidy

22nd      Charlene Austin                                                          26th      Iain Mason

29th      Karen Wood


May                                                                                         June


3rd      John Martin-Shaw                                                        7th     Oliver Carpenter-Beale

10th      Trevor Christian                                                          14th      Fledging Evening

17th      Karen Cambridge                                                        21st      Stephen Hardy

24th      Mary Ward                                                                 28th      Danny Wright

31st      Janet Birdseye


July                                                                                          August


5th       Geraldine Kelly                                                           2nd        Lind Hotchins

12th      Jackie Courtney                                                           9th        Ian Taylor

19th      Karen Wood                                                                16th      Janet Glasgow

26th      Shivini Samardi                                                           23rd      Stuart Cooper

30th      Iain Mason


September                                                                              October


6th        Pat & Alan Seymour                                                    4th        Diane Hubert

13th      John Martin-Shaw                                                       11th      Charlene Austin

20th      Mark McDonagh                                                         18th      Teresa Ricketts

27th      Phil Towler                                                                  25th      Oliver Carpenter-Beale


November                                                                               December


1st        Trevor Christian                                                          6th        Mark Cassidy

8th        Fledglings Evening                                                      13th      Carol Service

15th      Janet Birdseye                                                             20th      Closed

22nd      Karen Cambridge                                                        27th      Closed

29th      TBA


The Church will reopen on Sunday ;- 3rd January 2021