More about our services, classes, workshops and events

As well as our Services, we have regular classes and workshops to help you discover your personal potential, whether you wish to become a healer, serve as a Medium or learn about the Spiritualists’ beliefs and way of life.

Below you will find more detailed information about what’s available at West Wickham Spiritualist Church.

Sunday Service – 6.30-8pm

The first part of our Sunday Service comprises prayers, hymns, a short reading and a talk from the Medium about the various aspects of the philosophy of spiritualism.

During the latter part of the Service, the Medium gives a demonstration of their mediumship, which lasts approximately 45 minutes, after which there is a collection and a closing prayer.

Every other month on a Saturday 10am – 4pm – Angel Workshops with Tracey Ann Tuomey

The Angel Workshops are run by Tracey Ann Tuomey, a certified Diana Cooper Angel and Ascension teacher who provides workshops, events and consultations. Tracey has further developed in her field to become a Doreen Virtue ‘Angel Intuitive’. She has completed the spiritual counselling/life coaching and is listed on their official website.

​To further facilitate her celestial links, Tracey offers private healing and teaching sessions as a certified Rahanni teacher and practitioner.

​All of the workshops Tracey offers have a very therapeutic element as she has an array of disciplines in the holistic and energy field. Tracey is a spiritual/intuitive life coach, hypnotherapist, spiritual response therapist and soul plan reader.

Private Readings by Appointment – Thursdays at a time agreed between you and Karen Wood

The Church raises funds by offering Private Readings which are available most Thursdays with Karen Wood.

To make an appointment, click on the ‘Book a Private Reading’ page and leave your details. Karen will call you back to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

All readings are in complete confidence and privacy and by prior appointment only.

Open Circle – Thursdays 12 noon to 1.30 pm and 7 pm to 8.30 pm.

Open Circles are structured sessions with Karen Wood and involve meditation, knowledge building and practical exercises.

If you are interested in attending an Open Circle, you can contact Karen on 07958 622 656  or via email at
Mark John – a very popular local Medium

Evenings of Mediumship 8-9pm (1st and 3rd Wednesdays in the month).

Twice a month, we have an Evening of Mediumship. A visiting Medium gives messages to members of the audience that they are drawn to.  Not everyone will get a message, but everyone benefits in some way from the experience and seeing others receive a message.

The evening usually starts with a short prayer and a short silence accompanied by music in order for the Medium to tune in to his/her Helpers and Guides and to create a calm, relaxed and happy atmosphere to encourage communication which follows straight afterwards.

Everyone is welcome and there is a free raffle included in the admission charge of £4 for non-members and £3 for Church members and those of retirement age.

Karen teaching a mind mapping session

Third Saturday in the Month – Development Workshop

10am to 4pm with 1 hour for lunch. Karen Wood runs this development workshop for anyone who attends the Church and would like to develop their spiritual awareness. there is a charge of £10 per workshop. Please bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee is available at the church.

Below are photos of students at work. All of our workshops are student focused with lots of opportunity for practising skills and exchanging ideas.

Induction Course

Associate Members and anyone new to Spiritualism who wishes to learn more will be invited to an Induction Course. These are generally held over two Saturdays, commencing at 11 am and ending at approximately 3 pm. There is no charge for this course. Participants are asked to bring refreshments to eat during a short break at approximately 1 pm. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Please note that this course is now a mandatory part of becoming a full member with voting rights. Dates for the Induction Course are negotiated with individuals as and when required.

Everyone is welcome to our Church, whether you want to attend services, classes, workshops, demonstrations of Mediumship or a special event.