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To all members  that membership is now due. £10.00 for waged and £8.00 for non-waged, payable by  cheque

( West Wickham Spiritualist Church) or my cash. If you like to become a member, Please contact Angela


The AGM is Wednesday 23rd March  at 8pm, to vote you need to be a member

To All Members
Please read this very carefully.  It’s very important.

If any member wishes to bring a motion,  forward to the AGM, with notice,  it must be received  by the 16th February.

Nomination form is downloadable here. After voting, please put the voting paper into a small envelope,  then put it into a second envelope,  then print name, sign, and date it. Please return it to the church by the 9th of March.

Memberships  is now due; please renew your  membership before the 23rd of March to ensure your vote count.

Thank you

Alan Mitchell-Sleight

The prices of admission will increase from the 20th October to £5 unwaged and £4 members. This is for the Wednesday evening of mediumship.
Face to Face private reading hopefully will start in February. Will keep you updated.
Church Circle starts on the 25th October from 7 to 8.30 price £5 per session. Contact Alan if you like to join the group.


From the President, like to thank you the committee, members and friends for their help and support

over the past year, Next year we are celebrating 60th Anniversary, and 10 years being President of

the church. So we have something to look forward too. Thank you again, Love and Light

To all members and friend membership is now due, non-waged £5.50 and waged £8.00, Please see Angela

or pay via Paypal, or cheque payable West Wickham

Spiritualist Church.  Zoom service will still continual, but on the second Wednesday of the month.

​Letter from the President and Committee

My Dear Members and Friends,

In this difficult time, the church is here for you, we still do not know when the church will reopen, but we still have services on zoom and this will help us to stay connected for your help and support. But until the church reopens, we are here for you.

We still have distant healing for you, so if you do need healing, please send your names to Pat Dalby so we can still give healing to you, and your loved ones.

Over the past few months, we have made improvements to the church so when the church reopens the warmth the welcome is still there for you.

We are looking forward in seeing you all in the church and like you always do with the love and the support that you always give.

To all members just a reminder that the membership is due in January, ( waged £8.00 non wage £5.50) and to our friends if they like to join, there are three ways for paying, firstly by cheque payable to (West Wickham spiritualist church), secondly way is to go to our website click on book for workshop and reading and then click on the donation button, if you have any difficulties paying via the website, just contact Alan and he will guide you through it, and Thirdly if you have a PayPal account send money to ( by giving us your membership this will make sure that the church stays open to serve you and the community like you done in the past.

On behalf of the committee, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. and hope to see you very soon.

I say this with love and light be safe and knowing that your loved ones, more closer to you now giving you the love, healing and support at this time.

Best wishes

Alan Mitchell-Sleight




Open Circle – Monday 7pm to 8.30 pm.

Open Circles are structured sessions and involve meditation, knowledge building and practical exercises.

Price £ 5.00 per session . All are welcome to develop your membership. Private reading (face to face or zoom) for time and dates , please contact Alan via email at
Mark John – a very popular local Medium


Healing is before the service on a Sunday evening at approximately 5-6pm [providing healers are available].

There is no charge.

Donations to help with the running expenses of the church are always very welcome and appreciated.

? Did you know ?

that our Church is registered for 

worship and


You can be legally married here, in West Wickham Spiritualist Church.

A Registrar of Marriages from the London Borough of Bromley would attend to register your marriage following the civil legal preliminaries, just like in any other registered venue.

Interested? if you are interested in having your wedding ceremony in West Wickham Spiritualist Church, or would just like further information, please contact our President: Alan Mitchell-Sleight (see contacts page).

Our Registration Numbers:  Worship: 68926; Marriage: 34721


We always need helpers for upcoming events and general odd jobs in the Church. This can be anything from serving tea, washing up, arranging chairs, small DIY jobs, helping on event stalls, etc.

If you would be willing to assist with all the little things it takes to make the Church run smoothly, please contact Alan Mitchell-Sleight.