From our President – Alan Mitchell-Sleight

Welcome to our church’s website!  We hope you find these pages helpful and informative.

The information here is only a small part of our message but we hope it will encourage you to find out more about the wonderful religion of Spiritualism, how it can help you and our troubled world, and maybe encourage you to pay us a visit.

What do we believe?

We believe that, whilst on this earthly plane, every individual has both a physical and spiritual body. The physical body is, if you like, our ‘space suit’ which enables us to exist, move about and experience the physical world. Our Spirit body (the energy, or power source, that keeps us alive) is here to learn the lessons which we need to experience in order to progress.

We believe that our individual Spirits are each a facet of the one Great Spirit and we are, therefore, brothers and sister and should be treated equally. God is our father and is responsible for and loves us all.We believe that we each have a Spirit, a small part of the energy, power, intelligence which we call God. This Spirit or Soul survives physical death and moves on to other higher plains in the Spirit world according to its development and how much progress it has made. Progress is available to every Human Soul.

We believe that we are all responsible for our own actions both good and bad and must make recompense for any misdeeds either in this world or the next.

We believe that highly attuned people, we call mediums, can contact our loved ones in the Spirit world to prove that they continue to exist, still love and care about us and do whatever they can to help and guide us.

It takes a dedicated band of people who can remain calm and serene 

whilst keeping all the plates spinning 

to bring you a wonderful programme of services, workshops, evenings of mediumship and events. 

 Thank you Committee. You’re doing a marvellous Job!

The President and Committee Members of our Church in West Wickham are elected annually at our AGM according to the SNU rules.

The Committee are responsible for, amongst other things: organising meetings, booking Mediums, keeping accurate financial records, paying the bills, arranging social events and keeping the fabric of our building, furniture and fittings in good condition.

As you may imagine, running and administering a church requires enormous amounts of patience, endurance, humour and downright hard work!

The Committee of West Wickham Spiritualist Church